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Nowadays various tokens are rampant. When tokens are created, bad creation teams often pre-issued huge amount tokens in their hands. When these tokens become hot, these teams will sell all their tokens. This is very Unfair, even fraud.


After seeing this undesirable phenomenon, we decided to find a fairer way of issuing tokens to change this status quo. Let more people participate in the project at the lowest cost in the early stage of the project, instead of Hype in a very short period of time and let the project go to death in a short term.


Token Issuance

The community aims to explore a low-energy, fair way of token issuance, Allow community members to work more and earn more when promoting the community culture and token.



The Great Wave project is constantly developing and expanding the ecosystem

Start The Great Wave project, and deploy WAVE token and airdrop smart contracts. Gradually improve the infrastructure of WAVE, and list it on various popular digital currency wallets. And list trading pairs on decentralized exchanges, and gradually increase market liquidity. Before the end of the second quarter of 2021, the airdrop reward quota will be halved for the first time.



Frequently Asked Questions

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WAVE is the token of the Great Wave off Kanagawa cyber community. Tokens are only issued by airdrop, anyone who is willing to spend a small amount of miner fees can get it for free. Token contract can be viewed at the link: